L O V E :)

I trust everyone in the world ever felt love. Love with their Lord and love with all people around them. Love is just one words and so many way to translate it. Every people have different way to show their love to others.

In this article, I will write how big I love someone beside me now :)

Love doesn’t have a reason why it can be happen to us. It happen suddenly and make us feel so happy with this feeling. Sometimes love can make anyone feel so hurt when they love someone but he/she love someone else.

Yeah It’s love. It can’t be suggest where it wanna go.

Love make us be stronger than before. Because we can learn so many things from LOVE. Love can teach us how to understand each other with a right way without hurting someone else. Love can make us forgive each other when there’s so many mistakes and faults happen. Love also can make us know how to let go someone that we love for their happines.

Love not only about happiness but also about a sadness.

It’s like my love.

I love him the way he is. Don’t care how bad he is and how annoyed he is. The things that I know only I love him in anytime and anywhere I am :D

So many challange that we’ve been trough together. And It never change my love for him.

I think I’ve found what is the meaning of love with a true.

Love that I have now not only make me happy but also make me sad with every mistakes that we have.

But with mistakes I get best lesson behind it. I trust every mistakes happen from God have a lesson for us to make us be better than before.

This article dedicated for him. Someone that always company me everytime in a good condition and in bad condition.



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