all about football, I like it :D

I trust all of people in the world know about football. yeah football is the most popular sport in every where. Foot ball is an universal sport. It means that football can be done by any one. Girl or boy. men or woman. All people can play this sport. In Indonesia has so many team of foot ball. For example : Persib, Persija, Persik etc. Its the most popular team football in Indonesia.  Not just in Indonesia who have team foot ball but also in England, Germany,Italy,Spain etc have their own team foot ball.

Like other sport,in foot ball also has so many rules. And every fails that foot ball player do has a risk. One of risk they will get a yellow card or the worst they can get a red card and it makes they have to get out of that match for several match.

In England foot ball player is about seventeen years old. They start to play foot ball since they were under age. And now they become a famous foot ball payer. Some foot ballplayer in England or other country are paid by their manager about one billion until one trillion. How much is it. Meanwhile in Indonesia, foot ball player just get about a hundred million for six months. Its the difference foot ball in Indonesia with other country.

Field in other country also more beautiful than in Indonesia.It because, they always keep their environment from anything who can destroy it. And its also because their citizen also keep their behavior to don’t throw a rubbish in any where. Their realizations to keep their country is have to be done by Indonesia in order this country can be beautiful country without rubbish in any where we are.

Supporter in Indonesia i think so anarchist. They always fight each other in every match. They always burn a transportation i the street when their favorite team is lost. They never think that their behavior will give a bad respond to other people who see them. I think Indonesia’s supporter is so worst. Burn all thing around them when they are angry, fight with other supporter etc. It makes Indonesia become a worst country in sport.

I think foot ball in Indonesia have to improve again to be better again. Give a lot of advice to all supporter to change their behavior and change the field in all field team foot ball in any where.

I really like foot ball. Its a fun sport. And because of this sport we can find a lot new friends from many country. Go a head foot ball in the world. I’ll always support you guys



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